Step into the role of a consultant

To be successful in consulting, you need to look at your challenges from different perspectives. The best opportunity to do this is in a diverse international team that combines different strengths. That's what we did at EUROPErspective. The participants took the opportunity to experience one day in the life of a strategy consultant.

Consulting means breaking new ground, solving new problems and tackling new challenges every day. Developing a strategy requires constant discussion and reviewing your ideas, which might even lead to a plan that is completely different from the original one. To ensure that the best solution for the client was found, every single team member had to define his/her position and contribute his/her personal point of view.

Discover Berlin and make contacts - at the same time!

Besides working on the project, there was time for fun and networking as well: together with colleagues from Roland Berger, the students explored one of the most exciting cities in Europe – Berlin! There, they had the chance to meet other participants from Central and Eastern Europe and get to know our employees personally. They saw that each of us has a different background and brings along his/her own experiences and individual personality. This is precisely what makes Roland Berger so special: It's character that creates impact!

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